Data Cleansing

Organizations tend to accumulate a lot of garbage in their data. Sometimes data turns obsolete. Sometimes, usually as a consequence of poor validations or past defects, the data of the organization embeds data inconsistencies or referential integrity discrepancies.

Such data inconsistencies creates unnecessary overhead in IT resources and may cause a critical problem in case the data needs to be transferred as a result of an IT transformation such as a legacy modernization or an IT merger.

If your organization needs to improve the quality of its current data, you may need SkaldaTec.

SkaldaTec has developed a unique approach to data cleansing projects. It leverages a proprietary tool for data analysis to detect and follow-up on data cleansing needs. We use automatically generated cleansing status reports and cleansing progress reports to actively manage our client data cleansing projects.

If required we can also design or develop automatic correction processes or even support organizations in their manual data cleansing efforts.

We know how to make your data cleansing projects successful!

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