Legacy Analysis

Organizations often face an issue where many of their system are running in a satisfactory way but they are poorly documented or their documentation is obsolete. A small number of experts maintain the system having all the system knowledge in their mind.

When your organization needs to get the knowledge, it is having a hard time because the experts usually know the information but do not know how to explain it or simply forgot about it. Sometime there may some collabrotaion issue, too.

In case your organization needs to extract the knowledge from its systems and get it properly documented, you may need SkaldaTec.

SkaldaTec has gained a lot of experience using tools and techniques to extract your systems information and perform your legacy systems analysis. We cross knowledge extracted from data samples with the explanations of your experts. We also proactively know what questions to ask so that even in a passive mode, the experts can contribute to the legacy systems analysis. We deliver highly detailed documentation that can be later used for many purposes.

We know how to extract the knowledge embedded in your legacy systems successfully!

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